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Just contemplating the mammoth task of updating our website (it IS badly in need!) and on looking at some

of Jimmy Choo’s results at Championship shows, we’re feeling ‘just a bit’ proud. From his very first show at

just 6 months of age to present day when we feel he is approaching his best at just 3 years of age

Usually in the top 3 at Ch.Shows, here are just a few of his most memorable results of which we are very proud………

1st Minor Puppy Dog , Essex & Eastern Boxer CH. Show, judge Mr Frank Kane

1st Minor Puppy Dog, Scottish K.C. CH. Show, & Best Puppy Dog, judge Mr Sigurd Wilberg

1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Breed Southern Counties CH. Show, judge Mr Kari Jarvinen (Finland)

1st Jnr. Dog Irish Boxer CH. Show, judge Mr Mark Beardow

1st Jnr. Dog Belfast CH. Show, judge Mrs Christina Chapman

1st Yearling Dog Essex & Eastern CH. Show, judge Mrs Liz Cartlidge

1st Graduate Dog Trent Boxer Club CH. Show, judge Mrs Maureen Wragg

1st Graduate Dog London & Home Counties Boxer Club CH.Show, judge Mr Laurence Morgan-Evans

1st Post Graduate Dog Belfast CH. Show, judge Mrs Brenda Hare

1st Post Graduate Dog Blackpool CH. Show, judge Mr Desmond J.Murphy (U.S.A.)

He has recently joined the ‘big boys’ in limit dog and has achieved so far,

in numerically big, quality classes….

2nd Limit Dog Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales, judge Mr Tom Johnston, 12 present.

2nd Limit Dog Southern Counties CH. Show, judge Mr E.Engh (Norway) 12 present.

2nd Limit Dog Cotswold Boxer CH. Show, judge Mr J.Reynolds (U.S.A.) 13 present.

We’re looking forward to campaigning him at the 2019 CH. Shows and keeping ‘fingers crossed!’.

Hot on his heels are our girls, Jetboom Juicy Gossip about Jinnybrux (Aust.Imp) & Jackintabox Just Amazing

By Jinnybrux….both CRUFTS 2020 qualfied.  (Now back to that website update!)     

                                                                                                        ALWAYS owner handled.
                                                                                             CRUFTS QUALIFIED FOR LIFE!

Sire: Jinnybrux Just Enough. Dam: Jubilicious for Jinnybrux

Jimmy Choo delights us in the showring, gaining  1st place awards at CH.shows from the following judges:- Frank Kane,  Sigurd Wilberg, Kari Jarvinen, Liz Cartledge, Mark Beardow, Christina Chapman, Maureen Wragg, Laurence Morgan-Evans, Desmond J.Murphy, Brenda Groves (Hare).
He also gained CH show awards from Julie Brown, Kevin Young, Jean Watson, Nigel Rawlings, Lorraine Webb, Carol Chippendale, Lynn Mair, Ronnie Irving, Suzanne Carter, Alice Robinson, Jeff Luscott, Linda Carnaby, David Rushton, Carol Green, Tommy Dahlstrom, Mick Gordon, Pedro Bispo, Eddie Banks, Tim Hutchings, Christine Beardsell, Denise Mastaglio, Jill Peake, Steve McArdle, Stuart Mallard, Graham Mullis, Tom H. Johnston,  

We feel the best is yet to come.............                                                                                                                                                                                            
We would like to thank all the judges and fellow exhibitors who have thought so highly of our young boy

                                                              Photo by Tim Hutchings

Multiple CRUFTS 2018 qualified. See his PEDIGREE and a few of his babies at bottom of page .

Below, competing at the prestigious Puppy of the Year competition (by invitation only to the top 2016 U.K. winning puppies) Always owner handled.

BELOW: Jimmy Choo shows his jubilation at having performed well for his Mum.

                                                         (His PEDIGREE can be seen at the bottom of this page.) Also a few of his babies.
Now offered at stud to approved heart tested bitches . He is heart tested clear. Frozen semen available to approved bitches.

Below:- Some of Jimmy Choo's SHOW CRITIQUES.

Mr Sigurd Wilberg awarded him Best Puppy Dog in Breed at SKC CH. Show 2016, at just 8 months of age and wrote:- 1 Brooks & Brooks' Jimmy Choo At Jinnybrux. Promising puppy of high class I loved his presence, attitude and outline. Lovely well-proportioned head. Well-constructed. Moved very well. Should have an interesting future.

Mr Kari Jarvinen, who awarded him Best Puppy in Breed at Southern Counties CH. Show wrote:- 1 Brooks' Jimmy Choo At Jinnybrux. What a lovely puppy. Nice head and expression. Excellent body for age. Moves very well due to his excellent angulations.

Many thanks to  Mick Gordon for the following critique he gave to Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux on his award at SKC CH. Show 2017.
Brooks’ Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux, r/w, with plenty of substance. Head with masculine expression, well padded muzzle, large black open nostrils, deep stop & good rise of skull, ear carriage okay. Well muscled neck, straight front with sound bone, upright pasterns & tight feet. Deep broad chest with very good spring of ribs, excellent topline & tailset, retained on the move. Moved well with precise front stride around the ring.

A big "Thank you" to  Lorraine Webb for his critique at Paignton CH. Show:-Brooks' Jimmy Choo At Jinnybrux. A very well presented eleven month old red and white, when posed shows evident potential expressing a pleasing type and quality, although he is quite obviously still in the development stages, he is well up to the standard as regards size, he is very well constructed showing size and substance that is so appropriate for his age, his body properties are well balanced  showing required  angles front and rear, his head is very appealing, with a pleasing muzzle to skull, with dark well set eyes presenting an excellent expression. Very well handled posed and on the move.

Thank you so much to judge of highest esteem, Mrs Liz Cartledge, for her critique (below)on Jimmy Choo, when she awarded him 1st place in a quality yearling dog class at Essex & Eastern CH. Show March 2017.
1st Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux, upstanding r/w of 19months. Good reach of neck, strong, fit body of good depth. Held topline on the move. Pleasing head and expression. Easy mover, showed with focus.

We would like to say a big "Thank You" to highly respected breed specialist, Mrs Maureen Wragg, for Jimmy Choo's critique on his 1st place award at Trent Boxer Club CH. Show 1st Oct. 2016. 
1/. Brooks' Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux, eyecatching junior of 13 months in his smart coat. Excellent construction, just right for his age. He emulates the standard well, standing square with correct quarters, brisket and underline. Makes the most of himself by showing off his long neck, round bone & cat feet. He has a good mouth, but head needs time. Plenty of attitude on the move - a promising youngster.

Many thanks to Mr Mark Beardow for this super critique when awarding Jimmy Choo
1st place at the Irish Boxer Club CH. Show Sept. 2016.

1. Brook’s “Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux” - 13month R/W very well made balanced youngster. Well up for size, very good bone and substance, lovely head, very good width and depth of muzzle. Correct stop and rise of skull, correct proportions, dark eye, good mouth. Lovely clean front allowing for plenty of reach, good reach of neck, firm topline and quarters, moved very soundly in excellent coat and condition. Very well handled.

Many thanks to Desmond J. Murphy  (U.S.A.) for his 1st place at Blackpool CH. Show. He wrote the following:- YD 1 Brooks' Jimmy Choo At Jinnybrux. Nice head with good turn of jaw. Good bone and substance in a compact body. Good angles front and rear.

He was awarded his first 1st prize at Essex & Eastern Boxer Club CH. Show (Judge Mr Frank Kane) at the tender age of six months...his very first show! We are delighted that he has carried on his winning ways since.....hopefully more to come!

Thanks go to Mick Gordon for his critique below, at the Scottish K.C. Ch. show:-
Brooks and Brooks, Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux, Red/white, with plenty of substance. Head with masculine expression, well-padded muzzle, large black open nostrils, deep stop and good rise of skull, ear carriage okay. Well-muscled neck, straight front with sound bone, upright pasterns and tight feet. Deep broad chest with very good spring of ribs, excellent topline and tail set, retained on the move. Moved well with precise front stride around the ring.

Thanks to Eddie Banks for his critique as follows:- Brooks' Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux, Smart r/w nice outline looks well stacked, good head and mouth, flat shoulders, cat like feet.

Thanks go to Graham Mullis for his critique at S.Wales Boxer CH. Show:-  Brooks, Jimmy Choo At Jinnybrux, R/W more compact than 1st, clean balanced head with a good mouth and evident chin, kind soft expression, a correct front and well angulated quarters, he keeps his topline on the move, going well around the ring, close decision but preferred the outline of the 1st. 


Pictured immediately below at just 12 months of age
                                                                                 (Photo by Tim Hutchings) .


                       Pictured below in Jnr.D. at Birmingham Ch. Show (aged 12 mnths)
                                                                               Photo by Sara Brooks.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Boxer Society of Ireland CH. Show 2016, aged 9mnths.

Judge Mr Piet Roosenboom (Belgium) who awarded him BEST PUPPY in SHOW wrote the following critique
Nine months, very nice young dog with a good head, deep stop, strong muzzle with straight teeth and good chin. Dark eyes, good ears, clean neck. Square body with short back & good tail set. Good angulation & good substance for age. Very promising.

BEST PUPPY IN BREED (Aged just 9 months) Southern Counties Ch. Show. Judge Mr Kari Jarvinen (Finland).

Mr Kari Jarvinen's critique was as follows:-
What a lovely puppy. Nice head & expression. Excellent body for age. Moves very well due to his excellent angulations. Best Puppy in Breed.

Pictured below..Working Group Southern Counties CH. Show, where he was selected to the final six by judge Ms Patsy Hollings.

At S.k.c. CH. Show Mr Sigurd Wilderg awarded him 1st MPD & BEST PUPPY DOG and included the following in his critique...

Promising puppy of high class. I loved his presence, attitude & outline.Lovely well proportioned head,well constructed, moved very well. Should have an interesting future.

Pictured below at 6 months of age after winning FIRST PRIZE in a super minor puppy dog class at Essex & Eastern CH. Show, judged by Mr Frank Kane.

Mr Frank Kane's critique included the folowing:- Has quality in outline & head, and holds a firm topline with good tailset. Full of promise.

Below in the Dog Challenge (Aged 6 months),

See below for just a few Jimmy Choo babies....from different litters...

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