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Some JINNYBRUX sired babies are pictured on this page .
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Some JINNYBRUX sired babies are pictured on this page .

I'm delighted to post the picture of Giles's (JINNYBRUX GENETIC GENIE) first litter to be born in Australia. Mum is the beautiful Ch. Jetboom I Vee League, who is pictured below with her litter of eight - 7 reds and one white, made up of 6 girls and two boys. (The one white is a girl). More pictures to follow as they grow. Many congratulations and good luck to their breeders, Jeanette and Derek Sadler of Taramark Boxers, Brisbane.

Litter born via A.I. Australia

Pictured in the two photo's below, two litter sisters at almost three weeks of age, by Giles (Jinnybrux Genetic Genie) out of a Roylark bred bitch.Hopefully, nice show may be coming to Jinnybrux. There were six in the litter, all reds - three boys and three girls. They are situated in Leicestershire. Tel. Mrs Margaret Morris on 01455 272721.

PICTURED BELOW is Carol Bailey's home bred girl, Megellaston Heaven Can Wait who is by JINNYBRUX GENETIC GENIE, ex. Richlaird Crackling Rose for Megellaston. We look forward to her debut in May 2012.Pictured below at 5 mnths of age.

If you want to get a head......Giles is the sire. Below, two of a litter of nine in Royston born November 2011.

Pictured below, a typical litter by Giles (Jinnybrux Genetic Genie) There were NINE, all reds, in the litter..........eight are pictured, one refused to pose though and ran away!

Below, litter of 11 by Jinnybrux Genetic Genie, Reds, brindles, boys,girls.

Pictured in the TWO photo's below, two red puppies by Giles, Also below that is a 'group photo' of 'posers'. There are 9 babies in total ( both sexes) .

Below:-Some puppies by Giles (Jinnybrux Genetic Genie) All reds, 5 girls, 3 boys - 6 flashy, 2 plain. The FIVE flashy babies from this litter are pictured individually below.
Also, the two beautiful plains with velvety black faces...IRRESISTABLE!
Details from breeders Kara or Simon Stock,
tel. 07852 332726 ALL NOW SOLD.

Litter of seven, ALL REDS.....A boy, pictured immediately below at six weeks of age is available.Also, 2nd picture down, a girl aged 6 weeks is available.Tel.Joanna West, the breeder,Tel. 0208 5992779. EMail

Boy below available.Contact the breeder, Lesley Osterberg, on 01708 741675 or MOBILE 07718390745.

Brindle boy - available

More exciting RED litters due! There will be litters in both the north and south of the country (as well as in the midlands).Watch this space!

PICTURED BELOW......2 GIRLS of a litter of 7......THEY ARE AVAILABLE!!!
From a Jinnybrux Genetic Genie (Giles) litter
Born 4th May 2011...4 girls, 3 boys. Four of the girls are flashy red/whites just like are two of the boys. Then there is plainish red boy. The delighted breeder is Mrs Shelly Lund (in Grimsby, Lincs.) Her tel. no. is 01472 230475.
READY NOW!!! 'Phone NOW, as reds are very much in demand!
(Holidays will be honoured if necessary).

Two girls

Pictured BELOW....another super litter of eight by Giles (Jinnybrux Genetic Genie) arrived 25th May 2011.
It is a mixed litter of boys, girls, both sexes,reds and brindles.
This litter is one of his first in the southern half of the country (Romford, Essex).. ALL SOLD.

Contact the breeder, Lesley Osterberg, on 01708 741675 or MOBILE 07718390745. ALL NOW SOLD. Giles...BORN 14th JUNE ...five super babies, 3 reds, 2 brindles, boys and girls....the breeders are Mr & Mrs Baxter of Sutton-on-Sea, Lincs. Tel. 01507 443449 for details.ALL NOW SOLD.

BELOW: A typical Jinnybrux Genetic Genie (Giles) puppy at a few days old.

Giles (Jinnybrux Genetic Genie) is a proud Daddy again....the litter BELOW was born on 26th March 2011...Claire Bracken's girl produced 3 boys and 3 girls...( Three flashy red/white boys AVAILABLE) , two flashy red/white girls and one plainish red girl(Girls ALL sold) . Mum 'n' babes doing fine. Claire is delighted.Pictured BELOW. You can contact Claire , the breeder, on 01623 430356 for details.ALL NOW SOLD.

OTHER breeders have RED litters due by Giles this space!

Latest litter by Giles

Pictured below....our new 'hopeful' for 2011, JUBILICIOUS for JINNYBRUX (ABBEY), she is by Jinnybrux Genetic Genie, out of a Handina Jameson daughter. Bred by Mrs Dawn Neal.
Watch for her!!!

or tel. 01507 472156.

6 week puppy posing

Pictured below....(Daddy is HANDINA JAMESON of JINNYBRUX, Mum is a JIMMY NAIL daughter.) These are 4 flashy boys,from a litter of seven babies....boys/girls....flashy beautifully marked brindle/whites and white babies.
So VERY JINNYBRUX! The breeder of this litter is Mrs Michelle Robinson, tel. 01377 200357. Early booking is advised due to 'Jinnybrux puppies' being in demand.SORRY -ALL NOW SOLD.

A litter of TWELVE babies born 23rd July 2010.(Some are pictured ABOVE and BELOW) They include FLASHY RED/WHITES,(Pictured above at just 6days old)also flashy brindle/whites (one is pictured below), and whites( pictures to follow soon). Dogs and bitches. These puppies are very much 'Jinnybrux' breeding, as mum is a Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux daughter, daddy is Jinnybrux Genetic Genie. We would hope there may by some potential show prospects.....we will take a look when they're older and advise anyone hoping to show. ALL NOW SOLD.

Pictured BELOW: A super litter born Sun.11th JULY.Daddy is another of our Crufts 2010 award winners, Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux.
1 white girl with brindle ears.
1 brindle/white boy.(Flashy)
3 brindle/white girls (flashy).
Tel. Sarah or Jamie on 01526 352280. ALL SOLD.

Pictured above.....A JIMMY NAIL RED/WHITE litter born end of May, flashy red/white dogs and bitches.
Contact Cheryl Jones for details.
EMail Tel. 07736 176522.
(More RED litters born/due soon, to other breeder's girls, by our boys).
SEE ABOVE and BELOW FOR DETAILS...................

Another litter Born to a JIMMY NAIL DAUGHTER, (So the puppies are VERY Jinnybrux).The proud father is our HANDINA JAMESON OF JINNYBRUX, Crufts 2010 award winner....also Crufts 2011 qualified. Flashy boys and girls in the litter of eight.

A brindle litter born 23rd May,dogs and bitches, by Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux. FLASHY and plain available.Contact the breeder, Miss Dawn Neal, on 01507 607937. SORRY ALL SOLD.

Mixed litter of REDS and brindles due soon, mum to be is a superb Jameson daughter to our Jinnybrux Genetic Genie. Reds and brindles likely. Miss Dawn Neal, on 01507 607937.ALL SOLD.

Watch this space for more announcements!

A TYPICAL Jinnybux sired RED litter of six pictured BELOW ,(1st picture shows 3 girls, the next one down shows 3 boys) by Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail, 3 boys and 3 girls.Mum is a Roylark bred bitch. SORRY ALL NOW SOLD.

3 Jimmy Nail daughters

3 Jimmy Nail sons


PICTURED ABOVE & BELOW......two of the litter of SIX (dogs and bitches)...........
Hurry...they will quickly be spoken for.... -The breeder's details are as follows:-
Mrs Maureen Baxter Tel. 01507 443449
This litter is by our Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux,(He is our brindle/white CRUFTS 2010 award wnner) see him on this website.There are boys and girls, flashy and plain. Sorry, ALL NOW SOLD.

We advise you to book your Jinnybrux sired puppy early, as our boy's babies are very much in demand and very quickly spoken for.


ALL are by one of our THREE CRUFTS 2010 award winning boys.

All RED litter of six pictured ABOVE ,(two pictures shows 3 girls, 3 boys) by Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail, 3 boys and 3 girls.Mum is a Roylark bred bitch. For details of availability 'phone Mrs M.Morris on 01455 272721. ALL NOW SOLD

Pictured BELOW...2 puppies from an all red litter by Jimmy Nail.Tel.Shona on 01509 550736 (Loughorough, Midland). SORRY ALL NOW SOLD.

Jimmy Nail babies

DO take a look at our guest book, and the comments of some who have had babies by our boys, or babies we have bred (especially in relation to 'temperament') ALSO.........see the messages at the BOTTOM of THIS page from those who have used our boys.

See messages from those we have referred buyer enquiries to ,free of charge, despite the fact that some stud dog owners make a substantial charge for this service.(50 per puppy on occasions!!!) WE include it as 'all part of the service'.

ANOTHER Red/White litter born 9th June........pictured below

Cheryl's litter, born 9th June 2009

Mum is red/white flashy as you can see....and dad is our own Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail...there are flashy red/white boys and girls.
Don't miss out, his children are in demand and VERY quickly spoken for!

Pictured BELOW at one day old!!!Another ALL RED LITTER ( ELEVEN in total!!! NO WHITES........yet mum is red/white & FLASHY!) BORN 6th May.. The breeder is Mrs Debbie Peters.She can be contacted on 01445 720355. Please mention you have seen this on the JINNYBRUX website and I'm sure you'll find her helpful.Be quick.....reds are like gold dust, but Jimmy Nail's your boy for siring them!

SOME Red/Whites may still be available!!!SORRY- ALL NOW SOLD.
By our red/white boy, Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail.Mum is a Jameson daughter. There are several red/white flashy puppies, brindle/white flashy babies, and a white girl & boy.
The breeder is Carly Osban,tel. 01246 554113.
Don't miss out, 'phone NOW...........Jimmy Nail puppies are ALWAYS spoken for well before they are ready for their new homes. ALL NOW SOLD.

Litter by Jimmy Nail

Jimmy Nail's babies are usually spoken for as soon as they're born or sometimes even BEFORE they're born! Book YOURS now!!!

We know it's a long wait ( Sorry )......for a Jimmy Nail baby......but, you won't be WILL be worth it!


Our own red/wite girl, Jasmine (Jinnybrux Just Suppose) is now the proud mummy of these goegeous red babies....Pictured above .The proud father is the fabulous red/white Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail (heart tested grade zero, the best).It is her first litter, she was 4yrs old in April. Our babies only go to loving, permanent, previous boxer owner homes.Our bitches NEVER have more than two litters in their lifetime.Our last litter was born over two years ago.
BOTH parents are CRUFTS 2007 prize winners.....

Pictured below, two babies we bred by our own boy, Jimmy Nail.(born Oct. 2006), BOTH are now CH. show winners and BOTH CRUFTS '09 qualified.Now the boy is also qualified already for CRUFTS 2010.

Pictured below, three pictures at aged 6 weeks...............BOHMERE GONE 'N' DONE IT ( FRANK )

Bred/owned/loved by Karen Kemp, who is looking forward to exhibiting him as much as we are looking forward to seeing him n the ring. He is by our Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux ( Imp. ) We can't wait!!!.......he's 'just a bit special!'

Side view of head


Body shot

Meanwhile, if you can't wait.....Born 6th babies by Jinnybrux Jimmy Nail ....SORRY ALL SOLD, there is 1 white boy/girl available too, also a litter by Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux , these arrived on 7th OCT. ...........TEN!!! SEVEN girls, THREE boys. Several FLASHY babies ( male and female ) .Don't miss out, 'phone the breeder, Karen Kemp of Bohmere Boxers NOW ( Near Boston, Lincs ).Tel. 01205 367950 SORRY - ALL NOW SOLD.


Karen Kemp (Bohmere Boxers,
U.K.) sent us this lovely EMail....................(Thanks Karen, it was a pleasure)
Hi wendy,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and advice from the matings to selling our babies, everyone who you have sent and have come and seen the puppies have fallen in love and will be taking their new babies home very soon. All the puppies are just like their daddies, super temperament's and beautifully put together, also the efellow 'FRANK' aka BOHMERE GONE 'N' DONE IT',( pictured above ), well what can I say? He's just so much like his dad in every way, nothing to do with his mom of course!!! Lets hope he flies the flag high for the new Jinnybrux / Bohmere line. I can't thank you enough Wendy 'Frank' is really VERY special.

Love karen and frank xxx

Jimmy Nail's baby boy

SIX red/white, beautifully marked dogs and bitches,also two brindle/white boy babies born 7th Sept. by Jimmy Nail (Sorry,NO whites available in this litter )
Telephone Tracy Firth on 01472 851529. (Caistor, LINCS.)

Above and below, typical 'Jimmy Nail' puppies.

Red/white puppies in Huncote, Leicestershre, by Jimmy Nail.(Including a red/white male with show potential, PICTURED TWICE ABOVE.) NO whites in this litter.
For details 'phone the breeder, Mrs Lorraine Padget on 01162 752939. SORRY - ALL NOW SOLD.

Another litter of red/white babies by Jimmy Nail in LEICESTER.( Sorry NO whites available in this litter.) Telephone Andrea Simpson 01162 247079. SORRY - ALL NOW SOLD.

These are some puppies from the latest litter by Jimmy Nail, born 5th August.(Red/white and brindle/white, dogs/bitches)Sorry, NO whites available in this litter.They were bred by Sarah Sutherland, who will answer your enquiries re these gorgeous babies if you telephone her on 01945 780466. ( Walpole St. Peter, CAMBS.)Yes, Sarah IS keeping one to show, of course! Watch for her! Others in the litter also have show potential.SORRY, ALL NOW SOLD.

Jimmy Nail babies at 6 weeks

Jimmy Nail puppy

Boxer babies leave their footprints.........on your heart.

All puppies by our boys already born , are very quickly spoken for ( See above ).Best to get your name down VERY early.

All RED/white puppies by JINNYBRUX JIMMY NAIL, Mrs Peters, one litter of NINE & the other of SEVEN puppies ( 2 litters,one is a repeat mating, as she was so delighted with her litter by him and also mated her other bitch to him!) tel.01445 720355. SORRY....ALL NOW SOLD.

However, Ms. Joanne West, had a litter of EIGHT red/whites, boys and girls.

......yes deep deer REDS.....You will have to get your name down early...his babies are very much in demand.
Another bitch has produced NINE (Sorry, no pickies yet) ...reds & brindles this time (she lives in Grimsby) by Jimmy Nail, contact Tel. breeder, Mrs Karen Karling on 01472 232387 for details.SORRY ALL NOW SOLD.

PLEASE get your name down early as to wait WILL mean disappointment, so popular are his offspring.

All here are sired by our stud dogs. The reds are, of course, by our red boy JINNYBRUX JIMMY NAIL,notorious for siring red/white babies that look like they have had their markings 'painted' on.
The brindles are by our brindle boy, Handina Jameson of Jinnybrux.
He was imported from S.Ireland, a son of a puppy bitch we sold out there who quickly became an Irish Champion for her 'beginner' owner/handler (yes, we will sell you a winner.......but you will have to wait!......Jameson was PICK of LITTER(from a litter of 10 males )...........take a look at him on this website, and you'll see why!

BELOW...a typical JAMESON SON pictured at 7 weeks .This puppy was SOLD as a 'pet', so...............just imagine what his offspring with 'show potential' are like!

Jameson baby

(Pictured below) Born in the U.S.A. !!!! Sired by JINNYBRUX OLYMPIC FLAME.

The puppies below are just four of a litter born in the U.S.A. The sire is JINNYBRUX OLYMPIC FLAME (Danny ), a Jimmy Nail son, whom we sent to U.S.A., almost five years ago. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?

U.S.A. litter by Jinnybrux

Puppies below are SOLD


Puppy below is SOLD.

boxer baby

Recent message ( July 2009) from Cheryl Jones of Merseyside, who had a fabulous litter by Jmmy Nail.
"Hi Wendy,
just wanted to let you know that all the pups are now sold.
Thank you so much for all your help and advice it has been much appreciated, thanks
I've added a couple of photos for you.
Until the next time then......
Cheryl and Bernie.

PICTURED of Cheryl's litter. ( SOLD ).

Jimmy Nail baby

Another lovely message received 12/6/09 from Carly Osbon, who had a super litter by Jimmy Nail....
"Hi Wendy, Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and advice during this wonderful experience. A beautiful chunky litter who all have such wonderful temperaments and markings. We are so grateful to you for advertising them for us and helping to sell them to the best homes. We have done everything you have advised us to do and oh my ..... what a result! You have made this experience for us fantastic and always at the end of the phone for advice which is very comforting to know. Please keep in touch and if we ever do this again we wouldn't hesitate to come to you and your beautiful boys.
Jamie, Carly, Phoebe and Roxy x x"

Message below was sent by Sarah Sutherland who has used both Jimmy Nail and Jameson on different bitches with superb results.
"Just a quick note to say a Big thank you for all your help, from overing to selling puppies and much, much more. Your boys are untouchable in my eyes! Producing fantastic puppies with beautiful temperaments and stunning looks. You can definitely see daddy in all of them.
The fantastic thing (one of!) about having puppies sired by your boys is there is always a high demand for them, so you can make sure that they only go to the best homes - which they 100% deserve.
The feedback I get from new owners is brilliant. They are always full of compliments and always say that vets, clubs and passersby are always full of praise for type, health, temperament and personality of the puppies.
I look forward to seeing both yourself and your boys in the future. Many, many thanks - Sarah sutherland, Tango and Jane.

Thank you so much Sarah, it was a pleasure to help. Also, a pleasure to see what gorgeous babies you had and how superbly you reared them....a credit to your care! We will welcme you (and your girls!) back on a return visit.(The boys can't wait!)

Message sent by Joanne West who used Jimmy Nail and whose puppies are now all sold
"Just a note to say thank you for all your advice, I couldn't have managed without you. All your help before the birth and afterwards was very grateful as this is clear in the lovely litter we produced. Everyone who came didn't leave without buying one the biggest decision was which one and they all commented on what a lovely litter and how well they looked and in good souroundings. Your advice, from feeding and taking care of mum, to the birth and care of the puppies, was great I read lots of books on breeding but non of them came close to your experience. You should write your own book.
If I do breed off Keira again it I definitely want to use Jimmy Nail again, the puppies are just the best you can't beat the colour & markings".

Thanks for that Joanne, we always advertise puppies by our boys on our website.....we don't always get a thank you for selling them though.Much appreciated!

ANOTHER message received after a recent mating to JIMMY NAIL (Puppies will be RED).
On 10/04/2009, cheryl jones wrote:
Hi Wendy,
We just wanted to say thanks for your hospitality and help with everything on Thursday. We both appreciated the tea after such a long journey and felt that the way we were accepted into your home was great. We have bred our dogs before and never ever have we been shown the friendship that you both showed us, it made a huge difference to us.
We will definitely be coming back to you in the future.
If we can ever return the hospitality the next time you are in our area then please don't hesitate to call us.
I will give you a call as soon as we know for definite that Fudge is pregnant and of course when the pups are born you will be the first to know. I will of course be sending pictures. Good luck with the show on Sunday.

thanks again

Cheryl and Bernie

Fudge had a lovely litter................All now SOLD.

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